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Our Mission

The C.G. Jung Society of Vancouver was established in 1981 as a non-profit lay organization dedicated to promoting learning and dialogue based on the ideas of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

The society brings scholars, artists, writers, psychotherapists, and educators from the global Jungian community, and Jungian Analysts from around the country to  provide you with learning opportunities to help broaden your understanding of self, others, and the world we share. In this way, we serve the soul of our city, and of the world.


Our Mission:

  • To bring people together who are interested in analytical psychology.

  • To provide a forum for the presentation of C.G. Jung’s ideas.

  • To provide a resource center for the ongoing development of those ideas. 

  • to inspire an ongoing engagement with soul that translates into healing ourselves and our world.

Board Members

President: Carol Condruk

Library: Dave & Terre Arscott


Hannamari Jalovaara, M.F.A., M.Phil, D.V.A.T.I.      

Daniela Boccassini, Ph.D.

The C. G. Jung Society of Vancouver

Tel: 604-261-1590 

Emails: info-subscribe@jungvancouver.org


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